Miscellaneous Great Western Wagons

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The left hand wagon is a Mink D to diagram V9, built 1905-1911. It was used to carry bulky light-weight goods that needed to be kept dry. The right hand wagon is a special open wagon for the Engineering Department to diagram T3. Both have been well weathered to represent years in service with little or no cleaning. Notice the number of shades of grey that can be seen. The chassis' have been weathered with a dark greyish brown to represent track dirt.

Here are three GW cattle wagons. They have been built from Cooper Craft kits and lettered using a mixture of the waterslide transfers supplied with the kit and HMRS Pressfix transfers. I much prefer the Pressfix or Methfix transfers as they leave very little carrier around the letters, unlike waterslide.

Here is a GWR Macaw B with a pair of Macaws. The Macaw B is a modified Mainline bogie bolster. The main modification is that I have changed the positions of the outer load bearers from above the bogies to the ends of the wagon. I have also fitted the correct type of sprung buffers and modified the bogies to run on P4 track by using Masokits bogie sub-frames. Having modified the load bearers I found out from the very knowledgable John Lewis that they only ran like this when the load being carried was longer than the wagon! Hence I then set about building a pair of Macaws to act as runners.

The Macaws are scratch built. The floor is from Exactoscale, the W-irons are Bill Bedford sprung units, the solebars and buffer beams are styrene and the rest of the fittings are ABS. The load chains are Slaters and the load chain shackles are 51L.

When I fit a load of timber to the Macaw B I will also add load chains and shackles.