Penrhos Junctions

Location and History

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This is part of the 1908 Railway Clearing House map of the railways around Caerphilly. Penrhos junctions are a couple of miles west of Caerphilly. The map does not show that the junction of the Rhymney railway branches to Beddau Loop junction and Watford Crossing junction was actually called Caerphilly Branch junction.

The first railway through Penrhos was the Rhymney who built a single line from there first Caerphilly station (near Aber junct.) to the Taff Vale Rly at Taff's Well. The second railway was the Alexandra (Newport & South Wales) Docks & Rly, then called the Pontypridd, Caerphilly & Newport Rly, which aptly describes its route.

Finally came the Barry Rly. First with its Rhymney extension to Penrhos Upper Junction. Then later from Penrhos Lower junction across to Barry junction of the Breacon & Merthyr railway.