Great Western Railway Open Goods Wagons

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The GWR built many different designs of 16' and 17'6" Open Goods wagon. These are a couple that I have modelled.

This model of a 5 plank open was built from a Coopercraft kit to represent an O4. The O4 design was similar to earlier designs except it had the new DCI type of brake gear which first appeared in 1903.
This model of a 7 plank open was converted from a Coopercraft kit to represent an O10.
This is a model of an O11 5 plank open built from an ABS kit.
An O14 from an ABS kit
Although in Rhymney Railway livery this was a standard GWR design, it is an O18, modelled from an old Kirk kit.
An O20 from Kirk kit.
An O23 from a Kirk kit.
The first 17'6" long design with only a 9' wheelbase. An O24 from an ABS kit.
Spot the difference! An O26 from an ABS kit. Apparently the same as the O24 but only 10 ton load!
An O26 with a sheet rail and vacuum fitted makes this is an O36. Again from an ABS kit.